Project Activities & Outputs

Project phase 1
To demonstrate the complete glycerine-to-methanol (GtM) process, the first phase of the project will focus on the three core operations of the GtM chain:

  1. the reforming of glycerine in supercritical water (RSW),
  2. the conditioning of the raw synthesis gas
  3. and the methanol synthesis process.

These core operations will first be individually analysed, developed and demonstrated at laboratory scale.

Project phase 2
In the second phase of the project the three core operations will be integrated into a small pilot plant. Experiments will be carried out in the pilot plant with a view to generate data for the design of a demonstration unit. This design will involve a blueprint for the integration of such a facility with an existing ACCIONA biodiesel plant, possibly the plant in Caparrosso in Navarre. The actual construction of the demonstration demo unit is not part of the SUPERMETHANOL project.