Project outputs

The main outputs of the project include:
  • Tested lab rigs for three unit operations, respectively (a) supercritical biomass reforming, (b) raw synthesis gas improvement and (c) methanol synthesis
  • An integrated glycerine-to-methanol pilot plant (100-1000 g/hr glycerine input)
  • Process models for the three unit operations and the integrated glycerine-to-methanol chain validated with the results of pilot-scale and real-scale experiments
  • Knowledge of the economic viability of decentralised glycerine-to-methanol (GtM) production vs. large-scale centralised fossil fuel based methanol production
  • A detailed design of a full-scale GtM demo plant to be installed at an existing biodiesel plant
  • Contribution to future bio-based economies
  • An international workshop on new applications and uses of glycerine