Work Packages

The work is broken down into six work packages, as follows:

WP1. Reforming of crude glycerine and gas upgrading
WP2. (Super-)Methanol synthesis and end-uses
WP3. Process modelling
WP4. Pilot plant design and experimental testing
WP5. Design of a demonstration unit
WP6. Project coordination, management and exploitation

Brief content of the Work Packages:

WP 1: Reforming of crude glycerine and gas upgrading

Emphasis will be on gas yields, carbon conversion, reliability and optimal operating window. Depending on e.g. gas compositions and yields conditioning or (mild) upgrading of glycerine may be further investigated. Experiments will be carried out using crude glycerine and pure glycerine.

WP2: (Super-)Methanol synthesis and end-uses
The synthesis of methanol will be investigated. The best performing catalyst will be identified; selection criteria will include reaction rate, selectivity, and catalyst stability. Specific attention will be given to suitable catalyst carriers to be applied under supercritical harsh conditions.

WP3: Process modelling
The methanol synthesis process will be modelled with the aim to generate further know-how on the pilot plant design, to assist in the design of the full-scale demonstration unit, and to generate a learning model.

WP4: Pilot plant design, setting up and experimental testing
Input from the first three work packages will be integrated in the design and construction of a pilot plant. In this pilot plant reactors selected on basis of modelling work (WP3) and tested on laboratory scale (WP1 & WP2) will comprise a complete unit. In the pilot plant among others appropriate catalysts for gas upgrading and methanol synthesis will be tested.

WP 5: Design of a full-scale GtM demonstration unit
The objective here is to prepare all documentation required to enable an investment decision whether or nor to build a full-scale GtM plant at one of ACCIONA’s existing biodiesel plant in Spain. A blueprint for the demonstration plant will be prepared, including total investments costs.

A financial evaluation to determine the methanol production price will be carried out. An important task is also to establish better insights in the economics and market developments of glycerine, as well as alternative uses.