Project Objectives and Targets

Overall Objective
The overall objective of the project is to develop an economically viable process to produce methanol from crude glycerine, and re-use the methanol in a biodiesel production plant. This project aims to improve the energy balance, the carbon performance, the sustainability and the overall economics of biodiesel production, and to reduce the sensitivity of biodiesel plant economics to volatile methanol and glycerine spot prices.

Project Objectives and Targets
The specific project objectives include:

  1. To develop and demonstrate the complete glycerine-to-methanol (GtM) concept on laboratory (g/hr) and pilot plant (kg/hr) scale. 
  2. To prepare a detailed design (blueprint) for a full-scale glycerine-to-methanol production facility integrated in a commercial biodiesel production plant

Four key indicators will be used to monitor technical performance and progress during project implementation i.e.

  • Gas yield 
  • Stoichiometric number 
  • Remaining concentration hydrocarbons 
  • Methanol yield

Expected impact
Strategic impacts of the project include: 

  • Development of an innovative technology for the conversion of glycerine into a raw material for renewable transport fuel production 
  • Optimal integration of this innovative technology with current and future medium-scale biodiesel production plants
  • Maximisation of the renewable energy output from biodiesel production plants
  • Fundamental and experimental know-how on methanol synthesis, process- and quality related